Blizzard Advisory: What You Need to Know

Blizzard Advisory: What You Need to Know

It looks like Winter isn’t ready to let go of us yet. A major winter storm is heading our way -- a final parting shot from the season as we head into Spring. Late tonight until tomorrow evening will see about 16-20 inches of snow with worst case scenarios seeing up to 24 inches. Plus, strong gusts of wind.

Right now, it’s hard to tell how severe the storm will be. You can stay up-to-date on the city’s Severe Weather Update website which is the best source for the up to the minute information. You can even track the progress of City snow plows.

As of right now NYC DOT has suspended Alternate Side Parking for Tuesday and Wednesday, but parking meters will be in effect. Garbage and recycling pickup will be delayed. Due to expected severe weather conditions, all New York City public schools will be CLOSED tomorrow.

Blizzard Tips:

  • We don’t anticipate any closure to mass transit which means if you have to travel outside, take the train! We heavily advise staying off the streets during the blizzard. It’s easier to plow and get our streets cleaned up when cars are off the road.
  • Check on your neighbors! If you live next to an elderly or disabled person, please lend a hand and see if they need a little help. My office often hears from senior citizens who need help shoveling snow after storms like these. If you’d like to help (or need the assistance yourself), please fill out the form here.
  • Make sure to stay out of all parks until after the storm is over. Post-blizzard, I do decree that sledding and snowball fights are fair game.

A big thank you to the NYC Sanitation workers, NYPD officers, firefighters and other City workers who will be on the streets keeping us safe. And a big thank you to our neighbors and businesses who will also do their part in clearing off the sidewalks making it easier for all of us to safely travel about.

If you have problems with unplowed streets, downed tree limbs, or unsafe conditions, please report them to 311 (either by phone or online) so the request can get to the relevant city agent as soon as possible. If you would like my office to follow up on a request, you can use the online form here or call my staff at 718-499-1090. We’ll also stay in touch over my website, Twitter, & Facebook.

For more information, check out these winter weather safety tips from the NYC Office of Emergency Management. Stay warm and stay safe!


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