Bridging Gowanus: A Brief Introduction

Bridging Gowanus: A Brief Introduction

Since August 2013, we have been grappling with important questions through the “Bridging Gowanus” community planning process. Across dozens of meetings, more than 300 stakeholders – including long-time and newer homeowners, tenants, and NYCHA residents, small business owners, environmental activists, artists, affordable housing advocates – identified broadly-shared goals, discussed diverse viewpoints, and built consensus around a planning framework for the Gowanus area. The complete Bridging Gowanus Community Planning Framework is available here

The issues we face in Gowanus are serious ones: How do we confront the legacy of industrial pollution, and the challenges of climate change and resiliency? How can we create inclusive neighborhoods – with room for working- and middle-class families, for public housing, for artists, for manufacturing – amidst skyrocketing real estate values? What’s the right balance of housing and jobs? Can we preserve, (or even strengthen) the mixed-use, eclectic, creative character of the neighborhood amidst change?

The posts below provide a series of updates on issues facing Gowanus, including describing the work that’s been done to make progress, and outlining the work that remains.

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