Low voter turnout. Low civic trust. An idea for change.

The way it looks to me, we’re facing a crisis in our democracy. And I don’t just mean Donald Trump, the partisan divide, or gaping inequality (as serious as those are). Collectively, in NYC and far beyond, we aren’t taking good care of our democracy. Read more »

To keep more kids from dying

That’s why I got arrested this morning, outside State Senator Marty Golden’s office in Bay Ridge: to keep more kids from dying.

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Don't despair, organize

Last night, Read more »

A City budget that’s on the right track

For hundreds of thousands of working-poor New Yorkers like Read more »

#PlanetOrPlastic: Foam Wars

I know how much you care about the environment, so I wanted to share with you a recent Politico article that highlights an ongoing #PlanetOrPlastic battle: can we effectively recycle polystyrene foam (aka styrofoam)? Read more »