2018 Winning Projects for PBNYC District 39

2018 Winning Projects for PBNYC District 39

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Participatory Budgeting is a yearlong process that depends from start to finish on the participation of you and your neighbors. The first step each year is a series of “neighborhood assemblies” where residents come together to brainstorm and share ideas for needed projects. After ideas are presented, volunteers research each idea, including costs and specifics of every proposed project. 

Details of the suggested projects are reviewed, finalized, and presented at the Participatory Budgeting Expo in the weeks before the vote. Finally, residents from across the district come out to vote for their favorite projects, and together we collectively decide which of the proposed projects will get funded. 

Council Member Brad Lander’s District is the only one that includes both expense projects ($50,000) in addition to capital projects ($1.5 million). 

Winning Expense Projects:

Media Lab at Park Slope Women's Shelter
Category: Arts, Culture, & Community
Cost: $14,000
Description: Outfitting the 100-bed women's shelter at the Park Slope Armory with new computing and photography equipment.
Location: Park Slope Women’s Shelter,1402 8th Ave

Women’s Self-Defense for the Resistance
Category: Arts, Culture, & Community
Cost: $5,400
Description: Series of workshops for immigrants, Muslim women and their allies to focused on self-defense techniques.
Location: Kensington

iPads to support P.S. 77 students with autism
Category: Education
Cost: $6,909
Description: iPads will help students with autisms build language and communication skills, and support social/emotional learning
Location: P.S.77, 62 Park Pl

Study of Endangered Bats in Prospect Park
Category: Parks & Environment
Cost: $7,600
Description: Conduct scientific study about endangered bats in Prospect Park, which are critical pollinators and pest-eaters.
Location: Prospect Park

Outreach Plan for Elementary School Diversity
Category: Education
Cost: $15,000
Description: Hire coordinator to assist 3 non-zoned elementary schools with an outreach plan to achieve diversity-in-admissions goals.
Location: PS 372, PS 146 and PS 133


Winning Capital Projects:

Replace Derelict Kindergarten Sinks at PS 282
Category: Education 
Cost: $200,000
Description: Replace rusty sinks and splintered cabinets that pose a health/safety hazard to 5-year-olds and after-school communities
Location: Lincoln Place between 5/6 avenue

Make P.S. 118 Schoolyard Accessible and Safe
Category: Education
Cost: $200,000
Description:  Replace broken gate, enabling growing school to utilize playground as its only communal, ADA-accessible space
Location: 211 8th Street @ 4th Ave

Senior Fitness Playground
Category: Parks & Environment
Cost: $400,000
Description: Install playground-style exercise equipment for senior citizens and the less able-bodied.
Location: Prospect Park near 9th Street 

Harmony Playground Improvements
Category: Parks & Environment
Cost: $450,000
Description: Install shade structure over sandbox and replace non-working playground structures with viable equipment.Location: Prospect Park Bandshell @ 10th St.  

Resurface the Soccer Field in Albemarle Playground
Category: Parks & Environment
Cost: $500,000
Description: Replace damaged, hazardous turf in this widely used soccer field, shared by students at PS 230 and the Kensington community.
Location: 12th Avenue and Dahill Road

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