Eco-Film Series & Hands On Upcycling Events

Eco-Film Series & Hands On Upcycling Events

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All-ages 5-film series educates about theimpacts of plastics on the earth & human health.Accompanied by hands-on workshops to repurposeplastic items into art.

Who Benefits
Community members learn about environmental issues through the films and buildartistic skills and common purpose through workshops led by Brooklyn artists.

Project Description
This film series educates about the harmful impacts of single use plastics. Hands-onworkshops accompany each film to repurpose materials headed to landfill.Participants build skills, share their work, and create community. Films include:

• Bag It: film about plastic bags; workshop creates flowers from bags.

• Tapped: film about bottled water industry; workshop creates sculpture from bottles.

• Straws: film about hazards of plastic straws; workshop creates necklaces and hatsfrom straws.

• Chasing Coral: film about the bleaching of coral reefs; workshop creates coral reefinstallation from various plastic objects.

• Plastic Ocean: film about plastic pollution in the oceans; workshop creates outfitsfrom plastic bags, to be worn at the Halloween Parade.

Cost: $10,500

Location: 5 events @ Old Stone House, 3 public schools, 1 church


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