Get smarter with SMART Boards at P.S. 131

Get smarter with SMART Boards at P.S. 131

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SMART Boards will bring interactive lessons to 24 classes inhigh needs school, which includes 50% language learners.

Cost: $200,000

Location: 4305 Fort Hamilton Parkway, Borough Park

Who Benefits:
The 24 SMART Boards will support 1000 children and 400 English Language Learners (ELL) at an historicallyunderserved school.

Project Description:

P.S. 131 recently upgraded its WiFi system, but the existing technology equipment in its classrooms isoutdated. Teachers, trained in use of Smartboards, are eager to use the technology to maximize interactiveclassroom experiences for their classes of diverse learners. Their existing outdated equipment is unreliable,necessitates frequent recalibration, malfunctions often, poses tripping hazards, and makes for inefficient use ofclassroom time. The new SMART boards will allow teachers to rely on the tech tools, saving time andincreasing productivity and classroom safety.

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