Help Save Our Threatened Bats

Help Save Our Threatened Bats

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Who Benefits:

People: A single bat can catch up to 600+ mosquitoes an hour, devouringup to 100 percent of its body weight.

Farmers: Bats are essential pollinators and pest-eaters worth $3 billion eachyear to US farmers.

Bats: The first research in Prospect Park will enable scientists to betterunderstand the bats’ preferences for tree cover, water sources, and food (i.e., thespecies of insects they eat).

Cost: $7,500

Location: Prospect Park

Project Description: American bats are teetering on the edge of extinction. Thefatal white-nose syndrome has wiped out seven million since 2005. Scientistscompare the massive die-off to the start of the human AIDs epidemic.Yet scientists don’t fully understand the scope of this local devastation because batshave barely been studied in New York City. The giant first step will be to identifyspecies and the environmental factors that are key to their survival in urbanhabitats.

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