Media Lab for the Women’s Shelter at the Park Slope Armory

Media Lab for the Women’s Shelter at the Park Slope Armory

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What’s the project?

This project would allocate $14,000 inparticipatory budgeting funds for eight newlaptops, four new DSLR cameras, a hometheater projector and screen, and newfurniture to outfit a media lab at the CAMBAWomen’s Shelter at the Park Slope Armory.

Who does the project serve?

The shelter provides comprehensive support and temporary housing for about onehundred women at a time, many of whom are recovering from substance abuse andmental health challenges. The shelter helps residents address the issues that resultedin them becoming homeless, and provides treatment, support and after care thatenables them to obtain permanent housing.

What’s the purpose of the media lab?

The new equipment would serve a dual role, allowing shelter residents to make use ofthe technology in the ways we all do—keeping in touch, working toward personal andprofessionals goals, and relaxing with TV and movie nights—and to use the technologyin shelter-specific programming. Currently, a shelter volunteer uses her own cameraand the shelter’s timeworn desktop computers to lead an anti-stigma portraitphotography project meant to challenge stereotypes and help residents articulate theirambitions and identities. This proposal would provide new and more appropriatetechnology for that project and for the residents’ long-term enrichment.

Why should you vote for it?

Like all of us, residents of the Park SlopeArmory women’s shelter need access totechnology to express themselves,communicate with the outside world, andreach their goals. Through participatorybudgeting, we can significantly improve theshelter’s current facilities (left) and make adaily difference in residents’ lives.


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