Outdoor Community Space for Borough Park Library

Outdoor Community Space for Borough Park Library

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What are you voting for?

This project allocates $400,000to renovating and enhancingthe plaza outside the BoroughPark Library. Ample spaceexists, but it is currently notused and has lots of potential.As an extension of the Library,it will be a welcoming place toread, converse, and simplyenjoy the neighborhood.

Why vote for this project?

Libraries serve an important function in the community, providing educational resourcesand a free, public space for anyone to enjoy them. In a big metropolitan area such asNYC, this becomes increasingly important. The project would activate the outdoor areawith seating, plants, and natural features such as a water fountain. Communitymembers and visitors of all ages would be able to sit in a shade spot with a good book.There is also potential to run community-oriented programs in the space.


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