Outdoor Senior Fitness Recreation Area in Prospect Park

Outdoor Senior Fitness Recreation Area in Prospect Park

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Design and install outdoor fitness recreational equipment for older and/or less physically able adultsutilizing low-impact exercise elements, creating a“Senior Playground” in Prospect Park.

Costs: $400,000

Location: Prospect Park near 9th/10th St.

Who Benefits: Senior fitness parks provide wellness benefits to older and/or less physicallyable adults helping improve balance (thus minimizing risk of falls), build musclestrength and extend range of motion.

Project Description: Many cities are adding senior (or older adult) outdoor fitness areas, aka “seniorplaygrounds”, to their parks. The equipment can include elements like recumbent bicycles, side-by-side striders, hand-eye dexterity games and multi-user pieces. Studies have found improvements in balance, speed and coordination with just 90 minutes a week of regular use. Several of theelements will be wheelchair accessible. Senior parks also serve as acommunity gathering spot nurturing social and mental health as well asphysical health. Keeping the senior population alert and healthy can lead to areduction in healthcare costs.


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