Outreach Plan for Elementary School Diversity

Outreach Plan for Elementary School Diversity

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Hire coordinator to assist three local elementaryschools to create an outreach plan that improvesaccess to all district families, increases diversityand serves as a citywide model.

Cost: $15,000

Location: PS 372, PS 146 and PS 133

Who Benefits:

Low income and language minority families who will gain access to the uniqueprograms and offerings in the un-zoned schools. All families, students andteachers will benefit from a more diverse environment.

Project Description: 

The New York City Department of Education’s Diversity in Admissions Pilot allowsschools to request modifications to their admissions policies with the goals ofeliminating linguistic, cultural and economic segregation in their schools andbetter reflect the diversity of the areas from which they draw students. Wepropose hiring a coordinator to assist three local un-zoned elementary schools(PS 133, The Children’s School and Brooklyn New School) to create an outreachplan for achieving the Diversity in Admissions goals, providing improved accessto all families and serving as a citywide model.

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