Get Involved with reducing single-use bags in NYC

Get Involved with reducing single-use bags in NYC


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Help Us Track Plastic Bag Litter on the #BagItNYC Map

  • Help us map NYC's plastic bag problem. It's easy - just upload a photo of plastic bag litter to Instagram using #BagItNYCMap. 
  • Use the map below (also at to track support for the bill in your district.


Organizations Supporting Int. 209-A :

If you would like to get involved with any of these organizations to get updates or to volunteer, please check out their websites and contact them directly.  

Finally, if you don't live in Council Member Lander's district, go here for a list of council members who are supporting the bill. If your council member isn't supporting the bill, let them know they should!


 (check out the #BagItNYC Instagram)        




         PBag Mandala




Advocates for Environmental Justice Support Int. 209-A:

Over 75 environmental justice and neighborhoood advocates representing communites across New York City support Int. 209-A and have urged action from Mayor de Blasio and Speaker Mark Viverito. 

To see a list of the 75+ organizations who believe Int. 209-A is the right policy for all New Yorkers, see the signatories of this letter to the Mayor from Spring 2015.




Tips on Transitioning to Reusable Bags:

Want to reduce your overuse of wasteful plastic bags? Switch to reusable ones instead! 

  • Bring a reusable bag to the store whenever you shop - canvas is best for its durability and also washability, which is important to minimize any spread of bacteria if purchasing insufficiently packaged perishable goods
  • Find creative ways to store your reusable bag to carry with you
  • Don’t take a bag when you’re only purchasing one or two items
  • If you do take a plastic bag, keep it to reuse or properly recycle it at a certified location
  • Separate wet trash and consider reusing (or not using) liners for dry trash
  • Use other disposable bags (chip or bread bags for example) for dog poop or kitty litter
  • Learn more about the harms that plastic bags can cause and encourage local businesses to switch from plastic bags to 100% recycled paper bags
  • Encourage your friends to do the same

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